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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Commerical Shoot

I've been keeping busy working with small companies helping them show off their products. I didn't want to give away too much until they release these pictures, but for Ashley's sake who is gone I thought I'd post a small blurry sneak peak. I have a lot more commercial work with children coming up and even product photography. I can't wait...I am really enjoying these little kid shoots, so easy going and such talented woman I am meeting who are a treat. :)

Saturday Morning - What an adorable family

We met up at this great park and even found the secret of all wonderful paths I can't wait to go back and shoot.

The "B." Family

This easy going group did this shoot as a gift to their mom. We met up the Provo Canyon and we did some funny pyramid shots I'll have to post on Friday.

Catching Up

I have been so blessed to be extremely busy with sessions, editing, meeting with clients and being a mom to a baby who has had fevers and has not been feeling himself. Having me fall behind on my blogging and editing of sessions. Here are just a few from the weekend I still have to upload three more on Friday.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, I am still editing the sessions from the last two weeks and I promise to have them done by the end of the week. I am calling and emailing everyone as I am done.

I also received the cards in which one of my pictures was published in with the child's name and my name on the back which is the best part. I am currently trying to scan it so I can show it off!

Monday, July 23, 2007

More Info

Ok, so I should have given more info on the emails for the trash the dress free sessions. Which by the way there are 6 spots left. When you email us at raquelsphotography@msn.com please introduce yourself to us like tell us who you are and how you found our blog. Also, only if you are able to email us a picture of your dress and tell us the length of your hair (this will make sense once you meet with us and hear about the process).

Also, I have had some of you say "but I don't want to ruin my dress". Cherlyn's dress is not ruined though she will have to take it to the cleaners today to get rid of the water smell. :) We were careful about not having the dress ripped but not worried about having it get dirty or wet :). So, please please please sign up for a session if you are interested. Also, we are highly interested in adding a groom maybe in a black tux? We would love that; so if your hubby is not too camera shy and wants to do some fun shots EMAIL or call us!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Charlyn Trashed her dress

This is a fun new trend for woman to get back into their wedding dresses and take fun bridals. Hair and make up was done by Style By Diane.

For information on how you can trash your dress and for more pictures of this session please email me at raquelsphotography@msn.com. For the first 10 requests I get the sessions and negatives will be done for free. Make and hair provided by Style By Diane.

Friday, July 20, 2007



What a sweet family this is. The kids melted my heart, with their goodbye hugs and when they rolled down their windows t say thank you and goodbye again. I want my kid maybe kids ;) to be this sweet and polite. The extra little guy was their nephew who played nanny with Logan for almost two hours. He had Logan laughing and not minding he was in a stroller. What a cute kid...must run in that family to have such great kids.

Kendal 6 months - what a smile

This little guy is the smiliest little guy I have ever met. I also shot his newborn shots and couldn't believe how much he had grown! I just assume kids stay little. :) He made the session so easy with his adorable contagious smile. I was laughing because this is Buyers Fund week Gavins shoot, this shoot and the next I am about to post are all friends from last job at Buyers Fund. It means so much to have them call me to capture their growing families. I love being a part of it all, thank you!