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Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's the simple things...

Wow, so this family did something for me that I am SO grateful for. On Friday afternoon on my way to this session I was driving on I-15 and a bee was in my car. I freaked! I lowered the drivers side window of my 92 Nissan Sentra, the window I know I am NOT supposed to lower because it doesn't go back up. Well, I did and it was half way down. I made a few calls to try to get help on the situation and both parties were a little cold towards me about it. For example Nissan told me, "kick the door hard, the button for the window should click back in, pull the button as hard as you can and then don't mess with it. We'll order the $200 part and in a week have you bring it in. Don't know what else to say".

So, I arrived at the location and I am sure people thought I was crazy because here I am kicking this door down and pulled so hard on that darn button that I had a bruise. Embarrassed, feeling low and coming to the realization that taking care of myself SUCKS I did my session. At one point I was talking to the gorgeous Brandy and mentioned to her my problem and asked if her husband could help in on the door kicking. LOL After our session, the kids were all hungry and tired and the family was ready to go, they stayed with me (tears are welling up thinking about it again) and did not leave until my window was up. 25 mins later, a small fuse fire and my door dismantled my window was up. I no longer had to think about my car sitting outside my apartment possibly being stolen or driving around in this weird weather with my son in the car for another week.

It might sound silly and simple to the readers but if you knew what this meant to me you'd understand the silly tears.

SO a BIG THANK YOU to this family for me! (My promise of prints still stands).

Five adorable kids and two loving parents

This family was so easy. Yes, that many children and none of them complained or cried during our entire session. The candid shots we did in the end touched me so much because you can tell what a great relationship these parents have with these kids.

Cute little girls

I love shooting children, they are so natural and perfect in every way. They don't worry about their hair, or if their tummies are showing, they don't care about people watching them (for the most part) and they have the BEST expressions!

Beautiful Group

Check out this good looking group and these boys were a hoot! I am SO glad I didn't grow up in a house full of boys. Man o Man. They sure gave me some great GQ looks!

Cold day

Last Saturday during that terrible storm we all endured in Utah I had the chance to photograph some of my favorite people and some of my biggest fans. ;)

We were so close to canceling and we were all glad we didn't because we had 1/2 hr of nice warm sun break through the clouds- JUST FOR THEM! And it was a little hard to want to re-schedule a shoot with 58 people (photographers all over are gasping!).

I decided the kids were just too beautiful not to do the post of mostly them. WOW... Can anyone believe the "adorableness".

Monday, October 13, 2008


Yes, lots of posts catch up. I have two more from this weekend but have other things to do - so those are for tomorrow. I am going to be emailing out my schedule tonight to those of you so patiently waiting including the brides who want the contract.

Thank you for your patience I am all moved in and settling in quite nicely. : )

Happy to be back working and know that I am BEYOND busy but VERY HAPPY!


Mel and J's engagements

Love you guys! I hope you like these and I better see them on your facebook if you do! lol ;)