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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last Saturday

I am finishing up the two large group sessions from last month and finishing up all other sessions so this is a quick preview for those from last week. Sorry I can't post more you guys but I have been working around the clock to get all this done before Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I attended an incredible, inspiring seminar on Saturday with an amazing photographer "kennethlinge.com". It was such an honor to have this very kind and funny Artist share with us secrets that had us all captured. I can't wait for the remainder classes. I will post some cool night shots as soon as I am done with some other projects. I was SO excited to learn tips on the fashion industry as well...seriously can't wait!
This is his beautiful daughter who modeled for us.

My cute shy bride

She is truly my shiest bride to date but I still got her to shake her bootie with me in public to get her to relax a little.

Cute Boys

I took these pictures for a friend of mine in Lehi and her cute nephew came along to "see" if he'd let us take some shots. I am still going through the images but I KNEW I could not post any pictures without posting this little guy just run into the biggest puddle he could find as we all watched with open mouths (his mom, his dad, his aunt, 2 cousins, Logan and me with a HUGE grin and camera slowly shifting to my face to take the pics). LOVE IT!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Chimera Super Pro+Wht LG Soft Box For Sale

I no longer have room for my SUPER FABULOUS Chimera Super Pro+Wht LG Soft Box in my small apartment and I am in need of selling it. I bought this soft box about a year ago and rarely used it. It's all set up which trust me you'll thank me... and it's occupying most of my living room. I am really sad to have to sell it because I just used one light and this soft box and was able to get such beautiful lighting from the in-door shots I did. It currently had a ring attached to it to fit my Elinchrom light but you can buy a different attachment for your lighting at pictureline. Which is where I bought this soft box and I have attached a link to their website so you can see the product information.

As you can see a year ago I bought it for $509.00 plus tax...I am selling it for $350.00


Email at raquelsphotography@msn.com if you are interested or want to come take a looksie.

; )

I'll also be posting this fabulous pink antique Victorian Chair that I no longer have room for either. Sigh... I am sure I should be selling a lot more but I can't bare to part with my fabulous chairs...I don't mind looking like the crazy lady with chairs all over her small apartment. LOL


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Easy going...

This family and I hooked up at the Utah Lake at their favorite summer spot. THey were so sweet and though the kids were ready to go home and crash they entertained me by bringing me seashells and allowing me to harass them with my camera. They are all beautiful.

Provo Canyon Fun

This is one of the sessions I hadn't posted from Saturday. This sweet family and I had done pictures a couple of years ago and I was so happy to see them again. I love to see how kids grow. These kids are full of personality and I loved getting to know them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Loving these

I am catching up with editing for the last month 4 sessions down 19 more to go! I have faith this can all be accomplished by nest tuesday...LOL But the reason for the post are these shots that caught my eye. I hadn't seen them when I originally posted this cuties 3 month sneak peak and I am in LOVE with them...thought I would post for her mommy.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Too much fun

From the first shot taken this couple was all game for fun, sexy and sassy. The last third of the shoot is still on the card on my camera but I still wanted to blog these.