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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Family!

This FUN, sweet and close family and I have been doing their Christmas shots for a few years now and I feel like an old lady. Two of the sons are getting married and one is going on a mission. WOW! Where does time go?! The boys are marrying some super pretty and sweet girls. I am excited to shoot one of the weddings. I would post more but seriously my body aches this has been a super busy weekend prepping for my trip.

*Jennifer, there were so many I loved I promise to edit them in time for your family to see when they come into town.

Out of Town

I will be out of town June 2nd-17th. I will not have access to email, please call or text (text is easier while I am out shooting or in loud areas) at 801-380-5861.

For those who want sessions in Boston or CT during those two weeks please call ASAP to get a time reserved.

For clients in UT with up-coming June/July Sessions. I believe I have contacted all of you but if you have more questions do not hesitate to call.

I am excited to work on some fun projects.

For the casting call people I will be scheduling the sessions when I get back so stay tuned!


Have a fabulous month of June everyone!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 photgs + 4 cameras + great location/light = A FANTASTIC EVENING!

A few photographer friends and I went out scouting for new locations with our cameras and decided to turn the cameras on each other. We had WAY TOO MUCH FUN and realized how fun it was to be the models for a change.

This here is Jessica from Bliss Photography - new boyfriend ;) ;) "where's my kiss Jessica"

If you want to see pics of ME check out Jessica's blog :D

Baby "K"

This beautiful sweet angel slept the entire time and was such a treat to photograph. She was patient between changing of clothes and only went p p on her mom once! ahahaaha

I wanted to keep her!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Carolina and James Groomals

This gorgeous couple and I met through one of my dear friends Melissa. We were quickly chatting it up and became Facebook Friends. She had expressed she wanted bridals done and we invited her hubby to come along (they've been married for almost two years).

I saw two snakes. YES. TWO. I was FREAKING OUT! Sick to my stomach. EW. But we were in their home. :(

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Casting Call

Hello readers! I am doing a casting call for ages of 13-30. It's for a very cool and exciting project.

To apply:

1. email raquelsphotography@msn.com
2. attach a picture of yourself (doesn't have to be a professional shot)
3. tell us a little about your personal style (just a little - don't be intimidated)

You don't have to have modeling experience but if you are a model or trying to build your portfolio this is your chance at a free session.

There is no monetary payment for the session. However, you will receive 20 images edited with Reproduction Release so you are able to use for High School Senior Shots, Engagements, Bridals, Portfolio, Fathers Day Gift... etc. :D

I will announce on a new post when we have chosen our models. More casting calls to come so if you are not chosen for this project, we will be creating files for future sessions.

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reception Details

Photography by McKenzie hired me to shoot the reception for this beautiful and sweet couple in Kaysville UT (Amen for my GPS System). Everyone was so welcoming and kind... I felt like I was one of them (and some guests thought I was since they are Hispanic) LOL I got kisses and hugs and honestly I couldn't stop looking at this couple because they kept smiling SO BIG and greeting everyone with such surprise and love.

My little guy has been EXTREMELY sick so posts are small.

First Communion

This handsome kid did his first communion this Saturday. His mom is my moms friend and she hired me to come shoot during the ceremony and we did a quick family session after in the church's yard. It was a neat experience for me never have been to anything like this. I was very impressed with all the kids and though sometimes they made me giggle I admire that most (specially the girls) kept their hands in prayer the entire TWO HOURS. Impressive!