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Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been tagged!!!

So I got this email from this fabulous photographer in St. George Shellee and she tagged me as part of this huge photographer tag game everyone is playing. I secretly have been wanting to be tagged. AHAA! I didn't know she even knew who I was but she isa friends with a friend so that makes sense. I am so honored. I hope I don't let you down!

Here are 8 things about me:
1. I LOVE the beach. The smell of the ocean, the breeze at night...we used to go camping over the holiday weekends and sleep on hamicks or these little tents. To me the best thing that could EVER happen is for me to be able to build my little dream house in my home town of Isabela Puerto Rico on the Jobos beach. Tears are filling my eyes right now.

2. My favorite color is blue. The brighter the better. It used to be yellow but in the second grade my little sister started to do that whole I want to copy my older sister thing so since she was such a girly girl I knew she wouldn't choose blue as her favorite color so I changed it and you should have seen her disgusted face.

3. I am a HUGE TV fan. Reality, Talk shows, Season shows you give to me baby. Some of my favs include, Greya Anatomy, The Hills, The Gauntlet (MTV), Making the Band, So you think you can dance, Deal or No deal - which I am applying for LOL, CSI Miami, New Adventures of Old Christine. And so many more. THank goodness for TIVO. Though when Greys start I don't schedule shoots during that slot time. So you know. :)

4. I HATE to talk cameras with men. Oh my heavens. I am sure all photographers get this but like at weddings, or during a shoot men always come to me to ask me technical questions about photography and always want to compare digital with film. I don't care about that stuff! I want to talk about pretty things, like how pretty can my camera make that bride look, or how cool can I make that flower look in photoshop. STOP talking to me about techi stuff! LOL LOL I don't work at a camera store I am an artist. HAAAAAAAAAAA!

5. I love eating chips. Any kind. This includes Cheetos. Give me chips and salsa, or sour cream and onions, or extra cheddar. I can eat a whole bag of Funyons in one sitting ALL BY MYSELF.

6. Things I do not like: Cafe Rio - I really don't see the big deal with this place. IT doesn't help that I don't like Mexican food except La Casita in Orem. I do not like soft cookies. Visiting Teachers please do not bring me sugar cookies with frosting...GROSS! :) I do not like the Harry Potter books. :) Don't hate me everyone.

7. I have a beautiful son named Logan with the most beautiful eyes and his mommies temper. And I am married to the love of my life. He has balanced my life out. He is the husband that cleans with you or for you before you can get to it. Spoils me with nice gifts and helps me achieve my goals. LOVE YOU HUN!

8. I LOVE SUSHI. No like I love sushi more than anyone realizes. I go through withdrawls. I HAVE to have it at least once a week. I like places like HAPPY SUMO, Sushi Ya, Yamatos and Sushi Express. LOVE SUSHI. But I don't like California rolls they have to be raw rolls...I am not wasting my time on crab meat and an avocado.

Ok, that's me. I am now tagging these wonderful photographers:
Nema Blanchard
Leah Wright
Dustin Izatt
Angie Monson
I blog stock a lot of photographers but don't dare tag them. LOL

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back into the groove of things

Well, I am back up and running again after taking a week off for the move, unpacking and having no Internet. I am now editing the Aspen Grove family session, the AF Amphitheatre, The Commercial Shoot, and Mrs A's Bridals. All before the weekend is over so I can have them to my clients. Make sure to scroll down since I just posted all of the shots taken in the past week. When I said took the week off I meant I didn't take on as much work as I normally would have. :)

I am excited to have a studio, pics of that to come soon. I also have my new computer that should arrive on Monday. I can't stop dreaming about it. I hope to contact everyone by Monday morning with their CD's ready to be picked up. If you have any questions call or email me. I am all unpacked but one big office box is still in the works and my phone book is in there so please call ME if you have questions about your session.

Liz trashed her dress

Here is our second trash the dress session. Diane and I were excited to shoot my sister in law Liz for this session. We went by my in-laws home and took shots in their neighbors back yards. Liz you look beautiful and I hope you like these.

** Hair and Make Up by Style By Diane

Miss A and her little D

They say that ugly cows make cute calf's but this is living proof that it is not always true. This is my beautiful friend and her beautiful little girl who turned one early in the Spring.

Another high school senior session

This beautiful senior came down with her parents from Pocatello ID to have me shoot her senior shots. I was so honored! Her brother needed to do his too but his sports schedule conflicted with the date so we will be doing those later on in the month. I had to hold back from posting shots of her because I have so much catching up work to do. I hope she likes these at least.

Cute little guy

Mr. "L" is my moms boss son. He is Logan age to the date since they were born the same day. He posed so well for me. His smile is contagious. I wanted to take him home with me he is the complete opposite of Logan physically. These were some quick shots we took of him for his baptism invitation I am making for his mom. I had three more to add to the post but they don't want to upload.

High School Senior Shots

This young man is my cousin. His sister is the babe on the banner of this blog with the hat. Gorgeous teenagers aren't they?! We make cute kids in this family. I can't believe I just shot "A"s Senior shots. Just the other day he was this little guy who loved to read and build things. Now he is a working young man with a cell phone, a car and a job. As I was taking the shots I got a little teary eyed. They are more than my cousins but my friends. O and Logan loves him too...he kept sitting by him and smiling at him. LOL

Miss "S"

This is by far one of my favorite little girls. I fell in love with her when she was a newborn. Her mom and I used to work together and this little girl is such a ham. Her mom made her the tutu and grandma bought those cute PINK boots. I can listen to her talk all day and pinch those cheeks. She is squishtaculous. :) She is also the little girl in the card that was published.