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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Friday Shots- Beautiful

This mom tells me her sister Amey is even more beatiful than she is...so that session should be as fun. This was a shorter session because it was windy and I was so pleasantly surprised when I got home and found these cute shots.

Friday Family Shots- More gorgeous people

I get to meet and photograph such beautiful families. You will be seeing more pictures in a few months of these girls and the girls form the family above.

Friends Family Shots

Another session I did last week, this time of my sweet friends you might have seen before on my blog and website.

Romantic Engagement Shots

This sweet couple hired me to do their shots and we laughed so hard. I was so sleepy and when I get sleepy I get giggly so we had a blast.

Gorgeous Family 1

This sweet family met me twice so we could capture her family with enough light. These girls are all so cute and I love photographing this family.

Gorgeous Family 2

These pictures were taken last week with this sweet girls sisters family as well. There are only a few shots because not only was it later in the evening but because this little angel of a little girl fell in the water within 5 mins of the shoot.

Friday, November 16, 2007


This was such an easy going and relaxed shoot. This sweet family met up with me at this perfect park and we just had fun. I hope they had a good time because I was just in a relaxed more. It's is so different to shoot older kids that I often end up surprised with such an easy shoot. I loved so manyof the group shots I couldn't stop posting. I hope mom enjoys them.