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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Check this little one out

Isn't she gorgeous?!!! I am biased...this is my niece whom I adore.

Bridals and a Groom

My friend Virginia who is a great photographer (virginiarayephotography.blogspot.com) had an emergency and had me shoot these for her. It was almost as intimidating as shooting A photographer...so I hope I did her justice. This couple was so nice and I hope they like these as well.

Beautiful Family

This family was so easy going and check out those beautiful smiles! We took as many pictures as we could before the storm came in and rained us out. We will be finishing the shoot next, so stay tuned for those shots. I also have to mention they have one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.

Just a small peak...

I PROOOOMISE I'll be posting more tonight.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talk about style.

I love these guys! Seriously I am so lucky I meet the most beautiful, fun and creative people. I have been loving my brides and grooms for all the different styles they bring into my life. This couple and I lost a few lbs walking around SLC but SO WORTH IT!

Cute Boys

These boys are so cute and it's so cute and funny to see Ranonne with three boys! AHAHAHA The twins were so cute with their own little personalities so young and well the cute oldest helped me work out that day. ; )

Family reunion

This first picture is MY FAVORITE...They were all running away or crying or looking blank at the camera...LOVE KIDS!

Guys...I am so sorry! I totally spaced posting these. There are so many cute ones but here are a few of some of the kids. I love your family and feel so at home when with you. Lillian I took so many pics of "J" shhhh don't tell your sisters (wink wink). I am 3 sessions away from yours...not bad!