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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Adorable girl- maybe future daugher in law

Had to put a post of such a beautiful little girl.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chic Singer

This fun girl is a friend and a neighbor who is putting together her Gospel CD. She is not signed on so I can post these shots and I am excited to do so too. She has an angelic voice and if anyone is interested let me know...

ADorable kids

These kids hired me to take their pics as a gift for their parents. They don't know who I am so I am going to post a handful.

Beautiful client

So, this client shows up looking this CUTE for her pics and I HAD to take her pic. Do be that oblivious to ones beauty...

Cousin- Gorgeous

I am so very blessed to call this woman my cousin. She is kind, funny, sweet and beautiful. She is also one of my best friends, a Sister.

Bridal Shots

This beautiful girl was so graceful and patient with the weather. I am So excited for her wedding. When I did their engagements we just kept laughing and laughing so we know we will have a great time in January.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby "K" is ONE!

Wow, how time flies. I took this little guys pictures when he was first born then at 6 months. He is such a good natured child. His mom is so lucky. She wanted in-door shots as well as outdoors and I hope she likes these. He has the cutest laugh and he tries to talk and has a cute little voice. Love children.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The last few

Let it snow!

So, this family and I were supposed to have met up a few months ago but a very funny mix up postponed that shoot. Boy am I glad she called me again. We were worried the weather would be too much for her lilttle guy but she promised to have him dressed warm, and this will forever be my perfect example of how you should dress for winter shots. You can make winter shots look beautiful with fun clothes and having fun in the snow. There are lots of pictures for this family but before I get sad clients let me explain, this is this couples first official professional pics together (as in a couple), and they are so sexy together I had to post more than the normal. So, I hope they and You the viewers enjoy these extra posts I have.