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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Taylor my niece

My mom was feeding Taylor last week and took off all of her clothes because Tay had just had shots a couple of days before and had a fever. My mom had her on the couch by the window and I thought her facials were so cute in these! I love that little girl!

Albums are in!

My new albums are in and my client picked up her own yesterday and loved it. She said she wants to order parent and grandparent books. I am so excited! Here are some pics of the books.


This was a pretty weed I found during my Tuesday shoot. I actually like it a lot. I LOVE THE COLOR and I did not enhance it. I get the funniest emails about enhancing some of my colors.

Computer Problems- I am so very sorry to the families waiting to view the last three posts. My computer adviced me yesterday as I was preparing my shots for the web that I had 0% space available on my main drive (I DO have two). So, it wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. A little more than four hours later I was able to get 20% of it back and now I need a new computer because I need more space than that. I guess in this day in age 2 1/2 years is way too old of a computer for someone who uses it as often as I do and the way I do.

FYI- I wanted to explain how posts go for me because a friend mentioned some things to me and I wanted to clarify it on here in case anyone else had the same questions. When I blog a session I do it as a sneak peak so you won't see ALL of your shots but my favorites of the session. I do not have a set amount of pictures I post but have been really consistant with the number 10 for a family or just portrait shots with no wardrobe changes. But if it's a large family then of course there are going to be more pictures than normal added. If it's a session with wardrobe changes I like to show at least one outfit and pose. I clarify this so that no one feels left out or that I did not like their shots. It's about the quantity of pictures we shot instead how much I loved the session. I love all my sessions and clients. I think the actual clients might understand this because they know how long the session lasted and how many we shot but for those visitors looking at others sessions I want you to know I post as many as I can and try to be fair in the sharing. :)


This Saturday June 30th there is a Polka Dot Boutique - Featuring the hottest items for infants and children. Sponsered by the Mommy Cover by Joia. There will be Prizes awarded every half hour. It's from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm at the Scera Center on 745 South State Street. FREE ADMISSIONS! Come by and make sure you stop at my booth!

Tuesday Shots

Tuesdays Shots- Cousins

I received an email from a new client excited to book a session with me (ASAP). We met up on Tuesday once I finally made it there (I am so sorry I was late! I am such a freak about being on time to meet anyone that being stuck on I-15 on back to back traffic do to a really serious car accident was driving me nuts. Then I saw the vehicles that were involved and I turned my frustration to prayers for the people involved.)Anyhow, I met up with these gorgeous woman and their beautiful children and took a relax approach to shooting the kids, when at the end remembered her urgency to get good shots, having bad experiences before with sessions. So, I post these in prayer that they like the shots. :)

Mondays Shots

I had the chance to shoot a dear friends son on Monday. This little guy cracks me up! He is so very smart and always has been but now he talks. He is 19 months and speaks Spanish more often than me (and he is not Latino which is even cuter). He knows so many words in Spanish and by the end of his 3 week trip to UT he was calling my son Logan and trying to learn my name. I love the overexposed shot, I was not prepared when I turned around for the change of light that was hitting them but he was giving me that adorable look so I had to click and save it. I tried to salvage it but I still need to do more work on it.

Sunday Shots

This cutie is now in the MTC. He will be serving a mission in California. He is polite, charismatic and such a doll. I wish him all the luck.