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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aubrey and Blair get married

The very o so popular "hot" couple got married last Thursday and held their reception at this AMAZING location. What photographer can say their client texted them after the reception on their way to their honeymoon just to tell them they love them?! Well, there's probably some that have but I was SO TOUCHED by these two that they would do that. I can't wait to design their wedding album with them and hope they stay in touch with me after that... booo hooo sigh.... ; )

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Young Woman

Check these beauties out. These are about half of the young woman in my ward... I am on my way out but wanted to show them how "fierce" they came out.


My goodness these are my two nieces "Tata and Lou Lou" (nicknames). These beautiful dresses were handmade in Puerto Rico by a clothing designer and we "attempted" to do a shoot with them modeling the clothes but I have to go through A LOT of pictures to see what we got. But I was dying with how adorable they are! How can one family have so many beautiful kids?! This little one doesn't look real she looks like a DOLL!

Love my girls!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Had to share the canvas I ordered of my little angel. (same lighting info as stated in the album post so bare with me). These canvas prints are STUNNING I mean stunning in person and I can't wait to fill my home with them (and my clients homes;)

New Albums

I am so in love with the new albums I'll be offering clients (brides, families, seniors, portraits) in my studio. Take into consideration these were shot on my kitchen table, available light, 6:40 pm with the wrong lens. But I was getting ready for my book club dinner and was too excited not to take a few snap shots of this couples engagement book; which they will be using as a sign in book.

A more detailed post about these coming soon but for now some quick data: Each album is designed by me and approved by the client before having it professionally bound. Standard size will be 10x10 with 20 pages. Custom Cover. A must see in person for sure!!

Shelby I am almost done with your bridal/engagement one. The wedding one will probably take me my entire LIFE. Just kidding. I'll have these in your hands soon.