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Monday, April 27, 2009

Rob and Allie Engagements

This fabulous couple is getting married July 11th (a popular requested date for me) and we wanted to shoot their engagements in Park City near their wedding area so we can get acquainted for their wedding day. I had a great time getting to know them better. We went to eat dinner after and I was starving so I swallowed a chicken sandwich and I paid for it later! :( I get VERY car sick and by the time we hit 8th north in Orem ... well I'll spare you details. I am SO glad Rob was driving because I would have passed out driving through that Canyon by myself at night! Sorry I ran out of your car guys. I hope you like these! ;)

(click on images to view larger)

Photoshop HELP

Is there a little Angel out there who could help me? I need to get rid of the people in the background of this picture. O pretty please! I'd be willing to give you a gift in exchange. If you know someone or if you can help me...either way! THANK YOU! xoxoxo

Friday, April 24, 2009


So, it's no secret, photographers blog stalk other photographers. It's an addiction! I have some photographers I check out about 100 times a week. The same ones, over and over again. AHAHAHAAHA But one of my most favorite is Jasmine Star. You go to her blog and it's like this yummy soap opera (I am Latina so we love our novelas), she is my Novela. She is funny, charismatic and her work is the BOMB! I have been stalking her for a couple of years now... I am not ashamed to say. BUT I HAD NO IDEA SHE HAD A TWIN. Here's a secret for you, all my life I have always wanted a twin. When I was little I would dream up all the things we could do and get away with if I had an identical twin. And now to find out this woman I totally idolize has a twin I sit here in shock... sad for me. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Here's her website I am sure you have heard about her Jasmine Star

To all the fabulous photographers out there! And twins! xoxoxoxo

Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 months Card

Cassidee CALL ME! :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This beautiful woman is due in a few weeks. "Not Fair" is what I am thinking. I don't remember looking that good past 8 weeks. When I met her all I kept doing was starring at her soft/quiet demeanor and her striking bone structure. Beautiful.

Monday, April 20, 2009


All weekend I meant to sit down and write down some personal goals I have. Blog hopping I saw that one of my most favorite photographers "Kelly Moore" did the same this weekend and asked that her readers make their own list. So, she's my inspiration to actually type them up.

1. Be better at mailing out letters/packages/bills. (Shelby and Chris are saying "AMEN SISTA" LOL ;)
2. Be more patient. O man ... this is a lifetime goal for me. I want things and I want them now. Or I lose hope. :(
(Wow these first two I think belong on the next list... ahaha)
3. Blog more often both here and my personal blog.
4. Take Logan for walks or a park everyday for at least an hour.
5. Teach Logan to speak more clear and prepare him for school next year. So many of my friends kids impress me, reminds me where I am failing.
6. Take one picture every day for ME of things that inspire me/ blog that picture
7. Attend the two seminars I am drooling over this year to improve my photography skills (I so desperately want to be cool like the people I admire so much...."I think I can, I think I can..." ;)
8. Decorate my kitchen
9. Go visit a new part of UT I've never been to before once a month.
10. I think 10 goals for the Summer might be pushing it for me but I'd also like to start painting again. I have a huge white 20x28 canvas under my bed and a box of oil paints calling out my name.

Truly un-realistic goals but I'll type for giggles

1. Answer my phone/listen to my voicemail more often than once every two weeks.
2. Lose 15-20 lbs as healthy as I can.
3. Go to the gym everyday (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I don't know which one I despise more "snow" or "exercise"
4. Speak less "Spanglish"
5. Start writing poetry again. I JUST CAN'T GET INSPIRED.
6. Be less forgetful (i.e. not lose my keys at least once a day, show up to grocery store without my debit card, forget my camera to a family event, forget that I am wearing my jammies when desperately running errands, not lock the door to the house before I am done taking everything out, not forget the milk in the car, not leave my purse on my hood, not lose my cell phone twice a day, not forget where my sunglasses are while they rest on my head, not forget where I put that "thing" two seconds ago, not forget to proof read my posts before hitting publish (and my emails - again Shelby and Chris say "Amen Sista"), not forget my train of thought in almost every conversation I have.... you know ALL THAT FUN STUFF I FORGET EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE!!!! AAAAAAHHHH And, NO I can't blame it on being a mom, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. As long as I can remember...
7. Be more organized
8. Finish the personal projects I start

WISH ME LUCK.... Well, more like PRAY FOR ME LOL Do you have any goals you are working on?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deb and Jerry

This is my aunt Debbie and her friend Jerry. I had a great super mini session with them today and we loved running out of live tracks to avoid a train. We made Jerry some Puerto Rican food and showed him what our family is all about!

Love these guys

Charlyn and I have become great friends and find ourselves doing sessions quite often! Which helps because they know what to do and I know what they need. We have fun together and it's hardly fair this is my job. :D

Yesterdays Shoot

These are my sisters friends whom I am so happy have become my friends too. Sarcasm for us is the game, we tease each other a lot. And though the trees looked cool, we found our selves deep in mud. EW. They were such great sports about it and I love how everything turned out. I am gonna miss them while they live in Boston for 4 months.

Just Because... :D


I photographed this 6 month old when he was a newborn and I was dying to see him so big! I wanted to eat him up. I LOVE all the faces he was making!