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Friday, April 24, 2009


So, it's no secret, photographers blog stalk other photographers. It's an addiction! I have some photographers I check out about 100 times a week. The same ones, over and over again. AHAHAHAAHA But one of my most favorite is Jasmine Star. You go to her blog and it's like this yummy soap opera (I am Latina so we love our novelas), she is my Novela. She is funny, charismatic and her work is the BOMB! I have been stalking her for a couple of years now... I am not ashamed to say. BUT I HAD NO IDEA SHE HAD A TWIN. Here's a secret for you, all my life I have always wanted a twin. When I was little I would dream up all the things we could do and get away with if I had an identical twin. And now to find out this woman I totally idolize has a twin I sit here in shock... sad for me. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Here's her website I am sure you have heard about her Jasmine Star

To all the fabulous photographers out there! And twins! xoxoxoxo


Blogger Aubrie said...

She is AMAZING! You guys amaze me. Maybe in my second life I can have an "eye" for taking pictures. Heaven knows I wasn't blessed with that in this one : )

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Jorge said...

So you wanted a twin huh?
Well God knows why He does what He does an you having a twin probably is not such a good idea Storming Raquel! ;) luv u!

10:43 AM  

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