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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To my readers

I am so sorry to the 7 voicemails I have not returned from Monday to today and to my 20+ emails I have not gotten to in the past week. I have gotten way more than this but these are the ones that haven't heard from me. Please be patient with me I beg you. I am currently finishing editing a wedding from June to move onto a new born, 3 families, another wedding, 1 individual, a personal project, a maternity, a trash the dress and a BIG family reunion. I am SO SORRY and I truly mean it. I have a two day wedding this week. But my goal is to have all of the above done by Monday. I can hear all the photographers reading this sigh...yes that is my goal...rain or shine.

Thank you!
: )


Blogger Angela Fielding said...

oh my goodness, I finally made my way over to your blog. Just wanted to say Hi! It was fun to meet you at the Utah Lake shoot. Love your work! And yes when I shot film I totally had that happen to me! What a bummer!

3:36 PM  

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