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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Adorable Family

This is one of my new friends current best friends Cami sister and her family. Make sense? LOL The Wells family were so great during this shoot. Though great weather today at the Riverbottoms it was windy and a bit cloudy for most of the shoot. Not only did they have to endure that but I had to take my 15 month old very tired son to the shoot and he was not a happy boy. Making his auntie Cami run around and entertain him while he tried to run away and continuously screamed at her. He had a 15 minute nap (when he normally takes 2 hour naps), thankfully daddy came to get him and I was able to do the rest of my shoots without him.

Melissa is so gorgeous...she has that old Hollywood beauty. Her kids are beautiful...and if I could spell their names I would tell you which one was which. All that matters is that this family is just stunning and so sweet. Thank you guys for letting me take your pictures.


Blogger Jennifer Bowman said...

Love them!! What a beautiful family!!

9:49 AM  

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