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Saturday, June 07, 2008

PC vs MAc

So, I own this FABULOUS 22inch MAC don't ask me anything else, it's new, it's big and it's HOT!! I've had it for months and I haven't even been on a PC since last year. SO I go to my photographer friend McKEnzies house yesterday well her studio. Fancy she is... : ) And I decided to take a peek at my blog...and about died right there and then. My pictures look grainy and orange. Trust me that gorgeous model did not look like an umpa lumpa. On my screen she is focused and golden. I was SO proud of those pics and now I am worried that everyone else on a PC is seeing orange model. Some of my other lower fotos the more red or gold colors the worse they look.

SO, I need all my pc friends looking at my pictures to PLEASE tell me what they see on their screens. EMAIL ME at raquelsphotography@msn.com

ANd any computer nerds out there reading (uncle Hank) please tell me what I am doing wrong I want ALL of my viewers to see beauty not umpa lumpa.

Thank you!


Off to my wedding in this NASTY little weather. ANyone called Mother Earth to inform her it is June and officially summer. THis beach loving, heat thrill, sandal wearing, all about T-shirts and jeans, Tropical chick from Puerto Rico has had enough!



Blogger Brooke said...

I dont see any little orange men on your blog! so your golden by my mac :)

10:46 PM  

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