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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy weekend

Hello friends, I wanted to apologize for not being available by phone today. I was doing the modeling interviews with my client for "The Mommy Cover" shoots I am doing this weekend. With two shoots, meetings and a lunch appointment tomorrow; and the entire day on Saturday separated for "The Mommy Cover" shoot I will not be readily available again. I will check my emails late at night and return calls on Monday.

It is exciting that I am booked until the beginning of August and doubled booked on all shoot days but also nerve wrecking because I have to also be a wife and a mother. Thank you for the support and enthusiasm for my work and please come back to check my posts from the shoots of the week.

Leisl I am posting your shoot tomorrow morning and Christen I am posting your aunts picture tomorrow morning as well. My eyelids are telling me it's time rest for the day.

Thank you to all the BEAUTIFUL moms who came to audition for the shoot. We are having a hard time choosing - too many beautiful woman to choose from!


Blogger jess said...

Raquel, my blog is www.themartinhouseandlilygarden.blogspot.com, and I have a link for my tutus on it.-Jessica

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